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Since I enjoy hearing about others home improvment projects and its been a while since I have posted, I figure I would pop something up and show off my last room renovation.

Been working on fixing up a upstairs room in my house and turning it into a bedroom. It is quieter and warmer there for a better room then where I was.

Here is the link


I must say im glad it is done with the exception of putting stuff up on the walls and replaceing the ceiling fan. It was a little more work then I was expecting due to some unknown crumbling plaster and a door frame that needed to be rebuilt. There are before and after photos.
As soon as I find a home for a metal wardrobe in the old room that I dont need anymore, I will start on that one. It is plaster on brick so shouldnt (knock on wood) take as much work to get to the painting stage

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I had the pleasure of seeing the Doctor a while back for a much needed physical. Nothing major, just the normal type where they make sure my heart is still pumping and check to make sure no red lights are flashing their warning signs due to bad diet or lack of exercise.
This is also a time when the doc wants me to point out anything I’m concerned with.
I had a couple bumps that had gotten bigger so brought them to his attention.
His response "Humph, no problem" He looked at my back, he looked at my neck and ears, looked at my face (2 eyes ... check, 2 ears .... check, 1 nose ... check)
We where just about finishing up and he was scheduling me for some blood work since I hadn’t had any done in a while, and he glanced at my right arm.

[doc]"What’s that?" he asked.
[me]"Ummm ..... a spot"
[doc]"How long have you had that?"
[me]"Hmmm ... probably ever since I remember figuring out I had these two arms that where great for pulling toys out of the kitchen cabinets"
[doc]"I don’t like the look of it" (He gets closer with a magnifier and takes a closer look)
[me]"Ummm ... ok, so what are we gonna do"
[doc]"Come back in 5 days and I will remove it and send it to the lab"

Needless to say, it has been removed and it was just a mole or "nevus" As I was morning the loss of the nevus that has been with me ever since birth, this bit of creativity popped into my head

>I had on my arm a nevus<
>The doc thought “Something’s amiss”<
>So he cut and he slashed and he stitched up my arm<
>And now I must go on nevusless<

Don’t worry, I wont give up my day job.
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Time to move again

Not me, but my office

After many discussion's with the landlord, dealing with failed upgrades to our current building, cleaning services that literally go through our desks and ..... ummm .... clean us out, busted up parking lots, leaking roofs, out of code structures and general gnashing of teeth, the 3 government agencies in my building that together call ourselves "Soil Conservation" have decided to move to a new building.
We have been in this building for 20 years and we probably have 40 years of stuff packed in here. It is time to clean out the old and move to a new place.
Now, this was no minor feat. Yes, we are the government so we are flush with money and can move whenever we want, right? Wrong.
We have 3 agencies in our part of the building and we are tied closely with a 2 more, so everybody goes or nobody goes. We have 5 different budget processes to go through and 5 different approvals to get. We finally got our final approval last week.
This whole process can still be derailed, but the farther into this move we go, the harder it will be to derail it.

Now that we have the different agencies working together (In my immediate office space I have the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service, Maryland Department of Agriculture Office of Resource Conservation, and the Carroll Soil Conservation District. Outside our office we have the USDA Farm Service Agency and the Carroll County Commissioners)

Now that we have our approvals, the real excitement starts. I say excitement because this is where those that think they are important, start demanding their wants over everybody else's needs. I need new furniture because my current stuff is "icky" isn't a good argument. I need a new file cabinet because the 2 bottom draws of my old file cabinet do not open is a good argument. (Yes, we have stuff that is that broken down)

I'm lucky. I can just shut my door when the wheeling and dealing and demanding gets too bad. I'm very much looking forward to the move because I truly think our current building is sick and the landlord is more excitement in selling it then making repairers or bringing certain items up to code. I also know all the "I'm better then you" attitudes will go away after the move. Not everybody will get what they want but that's the way of life as I see it.

The next 5 months will be interesting ones
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Luciano Pavarotti

Even though im a listener, not a preformer. I had a short spat in High School when I was a preformer.
This was one whom I looked up to.

He will be missed