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A big HAPPY Birthday to Wil, my most favorite nephew :) Enjoy your threeness today. Have a good one and dont torment your mom too much. (But just enough to have fun. You are three after all. Its in your job description :)

The Guest -Game Room is Finished

Guest Room Renovation

Yes, I finally finished it to the point that I can host a game day. The room already has received the mom and dad seal of approval. The stayed in the guest room on their last visit.

Now off to the next room


Wooohooo! The World of Warcraft expansion (Return of the Lich King) went live at 12 midnight. If the gaming gods are in a good mood, I will have the collectors addition waiting for me at home when I get there this afternoon Happy Gnome!

In other news, I finaly finished my guest room game room. I even have pictures and will hopefully be posting those pic's to my flickr account on Friday

So stay tuned
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MD Ren Fair

Made my annual trip to the Maryland Renaissance Fair on Sunday. Had a great time and the weather was fantastic

Here is a pic of me and a couple friends. We where waiting in front of the white Stag Tavern for some others who were on their way over.

Ren Fair

Is it Friday Yet?

So far this week.

1. Our office was initiated into our new space by the locals this last weekend. Of the 10 vehicals in our fleet (A mix of Soil Conservation, Maryland Department of Ag and USDA vehicals) 6 of them where vandilized. It ranged from slashed tires to opinions painted on the vehicals. This is one of the few times I am glad I dont have a vehical of my own.

2. Im starting to work on another room in my house. One wall has quite a few cracks running through the hores hair plaster. To prep for this, I have to chisle out each crack, cleaning out all the crumbleing plaster. This will allow me to put a wire mesh in the crack (Yes, some of the cleaned out areas are as wide as 2 inches) before plastering. One of the cracks follows the corner between the wall and ceiling. As I was chilsing this out, I sorta lost balance and toppled off the ladder. (Not that my balence is all that good to begin with) Lessoned learned, limit time spent on that ladder :P
Hopefully I can get some picts up of work in progress on flicker soon.

3. Attacked by a cat that was trying to make a home in my upstairs open porch. I go up there once in a while this time of year to check for wasps nests. The little buggers seem to like the environs up there so I will get quite a few nests popping up this time of year. I walk up the steps and pop through the door and have a very scared hissing cat running at me. I stomped on the floor and yelled which caused the cat to change directions and shoot out the window. As cats do, it landed on all fores and bolted out of the back of my yard. I never did look to see if any wasp nests where forming. Looks like I need to get a screen door put up.

On a good note
Everything I planted in my garden has survived the late frosts we have had, and is actualy comming up. If everything survives that is comming up now, I will have lots of spinach to feeze this year :) (And this is only my spring planting)

Maybe I just need a vacation.

And maybe a Dungeon Crawl

Looks like one of the board gaming groups I meet with (GCOM) has a small group that wants to spend a day playing D&D

They assumed I could make it (havent gotten the schedual yet) so im rolling up a gnome character just in case they schedual it so I can make it.

We have plenty of warriors, healers and casters. After talking to the DM about what he will accept, he suggested and so im going with a duel class rogue/ranger

Hopefully there is not a lot of difrence between the first 3.0 basic books and the ones out now cause that is what I will be working with to roll up my first version 3 toon :)

Now, where do I start and where are my dice ........!

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Considering im surrounded by many people with aristic talent and am pretty comfortable in knowing that you all have the talent and I .... ummm ..... play in the dirt for a living.

Then something like this happens

From: Emma J. Williams
Subject: Schmap: Texas Photo Inclusion
Hi Gnomedude,

I am delighted to let you know that one of your photos with a Creative Commons license has been selected for inclusion in the newly released second edition of our Schmap Texas Guide:

Police Officer's Memorial

If you like the guide and have a website, blog or personal page, then please also check out the customizable widgetized versions of our Schmap Texas Guide, complete with your published photo:


Please enjoy the guide!

Best regards,

Emma Williams,
Managing Editor, Schmap Guides

Is that cool or what! (Yea, yea .. I know ... probably just "what")

Ok, back to playing in the dirt :)

(A "Thank You" goes out to artslave for telling me about the Creative Commons licence)