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After taking a break last year with my garden (really busy, bad dry spell and late planting made for sparse growth) Beth and I jumped into it this year. The main crop was yellow squash, spagetti squash, banana peppers and beans. The parsley we planted was late comming in but is doing well so we can harvest it. (Beths birds like to pick the parsley apart. Not sure if they just drop it or eat it but they enoy it)
Again, due to going from chilly temps to hot temps, the broccoli, lettuce and spinnach didnt do much. I was happy to find a few marjorum plants from the seed I tossed out. They are not big enough to harvest anything from but the fact that they ae growing was a nice suprise.
One benifit of this garden is that Beth likes to cook and a lot of what we are growing is going into the cook pot instead of me just giveing it away.
Stuffed banana peppers, sauted beans and yellow and spagetti squash in diffrent ways. makes for great dinners and yummy lunchs.
Due to the dry weather, I think the squash plants are just about done. They have really shown wilt and they are not flowering much. The peppers are going strong and the beans will give us a couple more meals.
This year, even though not as bountiful as years past, has been a good year for putting food on our plates.
Now, what to plant for NEXT year!
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