gnomedude (gnomedude) wrote,

Kittens Again

Seems this time of year is the breeding season in my little town for kittens. I say this because for the last few years, we have seen the little ones wandering about. For the last 2 years this has directly affected my time and attention.
Now, im not saying I dislike cats or kittens. I love and care for thos pets with which i have choosen to take care of. I do dislike those people that either 1. let their cats roam around, breeding with whatever is out there and leaving their offspring to either die or wander into somebody elses property, 2. those people that put tons of food out and leave it there to attract the strays of the world, basicaly setting up a local hang out where the boys and girls can hook up, 3. Those pet owners that do not have there pets fixed. We have all 3 types with in a close proxiity of the house.
Because of this, we had one kitten we rescued last year in July, that is now a permenent resident of the house. Teeka was found under weight and infected with a bot fly larva. We caught her, cleaned her up, gave her the shots and meds to get her well and now she is among one of the many pamperd pets in the house.
This July, we rescued another small female kitten. She was 4 weeks old and wighed 3/4 of a pound. We knew she was around for a couple days because we could hear her but not see her and where hopeing she was just passing through. About 7:00pm of day 3, Beth finaly could not take the crying anymore so she put some water and food out on the back porch to try to lure it out. Out it came. Very small and a dark brownish black color. Just a baby. The next day, as I was working on the garden, Beth heard the kitten behind some piled stone so we moved the stone and caught the kitten.
Since Saturday, she has been living in the first floor bathroom while we clean her up, get her tested and medicated. She had eye, ear and nose infections and we assumed she also had worms and fleas. Off to the vets she went and we have been keeping up a pretty rigorus feeding schedual to help pack the ounces on the little tike (shes now up to a pound)
Beth has been in contact with a couple of people that are looking to adopt a small kitten so this one will be moving on in a week or so.
After this one, im now thinking what will be next? We finaly helped convinced our neighbors to stop putting food out for all their "adopted" strays. Teeka (the kitten we adopted last year) was a by product of their feeding station cat hook up and we let them know what it cost us to heal her up and get her healthy. That was a wake up call for them.
I dont mind helpng the little ones. I will just once again hope that some of the people around us take responsibility for their animals and we will stop having to rescue the little ones that wander into our backyard.
For now, we will continue to play with "Tiny" while she heals up, puts on the weight and gets used to being a indoor cat up until her time of adoption into another home.
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