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I’m finally getting back into the swing of the daily grind after spending 4 days at Origins game fair. What a blast! I had the basic registration as well as a ribbon to get me into the board game room. I managed to cram a LOT of gaming in the time I was at convention. Between spending a lot of time playing the demos at the Mayfair booth or checking out games in the board game room, it was a weekend of eating, sleeping and gaming

The highlights of my stay are

1. Finally won a game of Railroad Tycoon against 2 people I have played a lot with and both of them are real good at it :)
2. Collected a series of ribbons from the Mayfair booth. The ribbons they where passing out where based on the resources gathered in the Catan games and you had to play certain games at the Mayfair booth (play for free :) to earn the different ribbons. First you get a grain, sheep, wood, clay and stone ribbon to earn the Champion of Catan ribbon. This level enters you in a drawing for a game prize, gets you a 50% coupon for almost any Mayfair game and also I got a promotional Catan Geographies map only available at Origins and Gencon.
I then needed to play 3 more games to ear coins, paper and another that isn’t coming to mind to earn the Defender of Catan ribbon. This ribbon entered me a second time in the prize drawings and also got me a second different Catan Geographies promo map.
I am now wishing I kept a log of all the games I played. I’m thinking it was close to 15 to 20 different games for the entire week.
Of course, mix in all this game playing with lots of great people and lots of good food.
A god time was had by all. (Or at least by me :)

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