March 5th, 2009

Prezcon 2009

Last weekend I was able to go to Prezcon. A large local board gaming convention in Charlottsville VA

It was a blast. A friend and I arrived there at around 10:00 am on Thursday and we jumped right into gaming. By the time we took a break, it was 9:00 pm and we had not even checked into our room yet. (Fortunately the third person sharing the room had already checked us in. We just needed to grab some keys)

(could not figure out how to link somebody else's photo stream so here is the link)

This was nothing but board gaming, starting at around 10:00 every day and going well into the morning hours of the next day

The games I played (some of them more then once) are listed below. I'm also including a link to one of my friends Flickr site cause he was wandering around with a camera in hand, snapping photos.

My games list
You are a NASCAR driver trying to beat your competitors
*Battlestar Galactica
Its the humans against the Cylons. Can the humans jump the ship before their resources run out or will the Cylons take over the ship before the jump happens
A card game where you use the cards in hand to build your deck and eventually buy more victory points then everybody else
*Chicago Express
You are a rail stock holder who is trying to build rails and improve them so you earn more then your competitors
*Steel Driver
Another rail game with the above type of play (but different :)
Will the village you build be better then the others?

*Tiners Trail
Your a miner/prospector who tries to outbid and out mine the others.
*Snow Tails
Your speeding down a dog sled course. Will you swoosh and whoosh to victory or end up smacking into a wall or hugging a tree?
Your bidding on a bag of cats. Lets hope there are no bad cats or nasty dogs in that bag!
*Tiki Topple
Living on the islands and building totem poles can be fun. If you can make sure your sections of the pole are on top, you get the fame and fortune that go with it
You are building hotels and buying stock in the hopes that mergers over time will shoot you up to the top
Three pots of potions brewing but they can only hold so much. Even worse, somebody may spike a pot with a poison. If you add to a pot and spill it, you MUST empty the pot. Happy mixing
*Formula Motor Racing.
You are again a race car driver trying to beat out the other teams to the finish line
*Robo Rally
Mr Roboto calling! Can you program your robot to out maneuver the others through the factory obstacles and get to the flags first? Watch out for those lasers and don't fall into a pit
*Monster Menace Across America
ROOOOAAAAR! The monsters are invading America and YOU are one of them. A real monster smack down to see who is the top mutant.

*Roll Through the Ages
You juggle people, food and goods to build more towns, research improvements and build wonders. (A quick dice driven game that is very simple to learn and play)
*Roads and Boats
You start out with 3 donkeys, some wood and some stone. From there you build up your town in the hopes of eventually mining gold, minting coin and producing stock. Watch out where you leave your resources laying about, other towns can steal them

(I only played 2 games on Saturday because this is also when the convention auction was held and also because Roads and Boats ended up being a 7 hour game)

*Robo Rally
I manage to get into the semi finals so ended up playing this again and got quickly squashed by my competitors
*Little Italy
You are driving through the street of Italy picking up points of the dice rolls are in your favor

We left the Con at about 1:30 on Sunday.
Got home at around 5:00
A good time was had by all
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